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Hi, my name is David, and welcome to my blog about my online dating experiences. I am a 35 year old national salesman for Pfizer, and have been working in sales for the past 13 years, ever since I graduated college. My initial goal was to own a company by the time I was 35, but I love travelling so much, and I love the security of having a company pay my wages, commissions, expenses and travel that my company idea never took off, which I’m personally okay with.

I live full time in Pompano Beach, Florida, and am originally from Brewster, New York, where my parents and some of my family still live. I have lived in Pompano Beach for just over 5 years, but have been all over the country, including long stays in New York City when I first started working for Pfizer, and then in Chicago when I was training for the national sales role. I loved living in Chicago, and love living on the East Coast because of the busy lifestyle. By living in Pompano Beach, I get the best of both worlds. I live far enough away from a big city so I can actually relax when I’m at home and not working, and I can head down to Fort Lauderdale or Miami when I feel like I want to get in the mix and get out in the nightlife in one of the greatest cities in the world.

My typical work week is so varied that I guess it’s never really typical. I can have a week where I do nothing but travel all week and live in hotels, or I can be home in Pompano Beach, and travelling south to Fort Lauderdale or Miami, or travelling to different cities in the state of Florida selling for Pfizer. I don’t really do much international travel, which I’m very happy about, unless I’m travelling for pleasure and not work.

Because of my crazy and frequent travel, it’s difficult to date women for a long period of time. I can completely understand why women don’t like to date men that are always travelling, or leaving with only 24-48 hours notice and for days at a time. That’s why I typically like to date women that are only okay with that, and we just date for fun, to have a good time, and with no commitments. As I said in my about profile page, I’m not against having a long term relationship, but definitely not now, because I know that I’m not ready for it, and ultimately it would not be fair to my partner to be out of the house for long periods of time.… Read More